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Dear Dad: Did You Know I Was a Princess?Dear Dad: Did You Know I Was a Princess? by Sundi Jo Graham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In a series of letters to her Father Sundi Jo shows a struggle with some of life’s most gripping problems. Through abuse by others and herself she asks the question of God “Why?” Like so many of us she refuses to hear His answer. She tries to fight the fight on her own. Until she finally is shown she cannot and is not supposed to fight alone.

Dear Dad is a gripping account of how far down you can go when the negative takes over your world. When the positive is blurred so much it seems nothing more than an illusion. It shows that sometimes something very bad has to happen before the good can come to light. How you can seem to totally lose yourself and then be brought back from the edge of reality. How with God anything is possible. It shows us that God will never leave us nor forget us. Even when we seem to leave and forget Him. It made me cry, it made me smile, but most of all it made me remember what is most important. God is always in charge whether you want Him to be or not.

I was given a free copy for providing a review.

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